Jason Robert Bell
Artist statement on The Tetragrammatron Archive’s first exhibit, The Bergdork Goodman Beaver Catalogue, or the Singularity, or the Bergdorf Goodman Pieces for short. The works in this exhibit, created in the last two years, are primarily the second and third generation of experimental drawings and large scale prints dealing with defacement and augmentation of found photographic images, from a series of recent Bergdorf Goodman Catalogues. The majority of the first generation was lost in a recent apartment fire, however a collection of digital prints are available, with this exhibit.
The transformations that have taken place with these images, are based on actual visions I experienced, in the fall of 2009, in a series of revelations brought on by crippling sciatica, horse grade muscle relaxers, yoga, and an ample stash medical grade, dear friend was able to procure for me. These experiences, which I began calling “The White Feathered Octopus”, appear to herald the coming new epoch of trans-humanity, The Singularity, the moment when our technology and imagination become one and the same.
These images are from our future.
Why deface a high in clothing stores catalogues? I was unable to walk for two months, sciatica appeared from the land of nod, I was for the first time in my life in a truly disabled state, the pain had a volume knob that no only went to eleven, but was stuck there. The pain and bloating of my left side, had to be dealt with proactively, I had been outing all my weight and stress onto my left side, I had to adjust myself to balance myself out, to bring myself halves into one whole. If I wanted to continue to create art, in that state, I could only use materials that were already within my apartment and within arm’s reach. I had to teach myself how exist in the world as a completely different person, To walk again without pain, I forced myself to invert my handedness. I began leading my walk with my left leg and keeping my right hand at my side. I had to draw every day with my left hand, to teach it to be a creative instrument as I had my right hand. Since I had trouble getting out of the house, I could only use what was within my apartment, after I ran out of paper, I found myself defacing a thrown out Bergdorf Goodman Catalogue, as I learned to draw with my left hand. This integration of Left-hand and Right-hand thinking, has produced images I would not have been able to create otherwise.
I saw the photographs in this catalogue as world totally outside of my nickel and dimed Bohemian life, that I could never hope to understand. I just actually went to the store for the first time last week. The primary goal of the Tetragrammatron Archive to disseminate and promote my past creative works and also foster alternative systems of public interaction with that work. I want to have a better understanding of this grand game of Life I find myself in, I want to understand you better, and I want you to understand me, but let’s not hope against hope.
Each of the six exhibits that will take place within Thomas Robertello’s project space, will offer a different economical system of exchange, ground within the nature of the works themselves. It is the duty of artists to apply their creativity in ever expanding limits of possibility. I propose that my artworks from this series may be purchased via articles of merchandise from Bergdorf Goodman, this may be in the form of Virtual Gift Cards, that can be accessed via their website. http://tinyurl.com/4mnvlof
In a “chickens for check-ups” arrangement, proceeds from the sale of the Bergdork Goodman Beaver Catalogue will be used to take me clothes shopping at Bergdorf Goodman and I will document the whole thing as a work of art. We are working magic, alchemy, turning nothing into something, it’s art. This is called the Art of the Deal. If you want something ask for it.
Jason Robert Bell
Brooklyn, NY
March 2011

Jason Robert Bell: The Bergdorf Goodman Beaver Catalog

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