My relations with objects have never been comfortable, I think of Schopenhauer’s grim cycle of desire-attainment-brief satisfaction-disappointment-desire repeat and how this has been so brilliantly exploited by manufacturers and advertising. As soon as you’ve purchased a new item an even newer model is produced making you feel inadequate with what you own. At an even deeper level there is a part of me that often feels that somehow I can define myself in clearer terms with these possessions and gain some kind of understanding of who I am. Buying a particular designer’s clothes or my evolving taste in furniture somehow signifies who I am to the outside world; I have been branded.

The series of Coveting drawings began as a sort of consumer “exorcism” by drawing the object I would be freed of its hold on me, or at least hoped to be. Some objects like the Pottery Barn beds were less specific and appealed to me as a type; they are drawn then at a smaller scale and many to a sheet of paper. The 2004 Vespa, on the other hand, has a hold that is strong on me and I found myself spending over twenty hours laboring over it. So far the series has mainly stuck to furniture, but with the Vespa I see the scope broadening and plan future pieces that deal with lofts and clothing.

Troy Richards: Coveting Drawings

Dwell House (detail)

Dwell House (detail), 2006

Dwell House - MoCoLoCo bed & cabinet

Dwell House - MoCoLoCo bed & cabinet, 2006

Casio Exilim - Blu Dot Chair

Casio Exilim - Blu Dot Chair, 2006

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone Chair, 2006

Pottery Barn Table

Pottery Barn Table, 2004

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