1996 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago MFA Painting
1990 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island BFA Painting
1990 RISD European Honors Program, Rome, Italy

2009 Dorsch Gallery, Miami
Thomas Robertello Gallery, Chicago: “Taxonomies” (Two-person show)
2008 KMOCA, Kingston, NY: “(In)Finities” Salem Art Works, Salem, NY
2007 Supreme Trading, Brooklyn: “Morphologies” Morgan/Lehman Gallery, Lakeville, CT
2006 Ingalls & Associates, Miami, FL: “Continuum”
2004 Evos Arts, Lowell, MA: “Long Division”
2003 Ingalls & Associates, Miami, FL: “Permutation”
2002 Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada: “Retroflex”
2001 Folin/Riva, New York: “Keys to the Realm”

2008 Aqua Art Fair, Miami Beach; Hogar Collection
Kleinert-James Arts Center, Woodstock, NY: 9th Annual 5×7 show
Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ: “Williamsburg Window”
All Points West Music and Arts Festival, Liberty State Park, NJ
Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY: “Obsessive Reductive” (also curator) Haim Chanin Fine Art, New York: “66 pieces of art on the wall” Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA: “The Boston Drawing Project”
Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, NJ: “Painting Process”
2007 Aqua Art Fair, Miami; Eyewash Gallery
Winkleman Gallery, New York: “Seed” curated by David Cohen Eyewash at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY: “Brooklyn Abstract” Red Dot Art Fair, New York; Morgan/Lehman Gallery
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA: “Big Bang: Painting for the 21st Century”
2006 Pool Art Fair, Miami, FL; Ingalls & Associates
The Educational Alliance, NY: “Squared” curated by David Gibson Philoctetes Center, New York: “Pattern Recognition”
Exit Art, New York: RISD Biennial curated by Robert Storr
Eyewash at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY: “BIG STUFF”
2005 NADA Art Fair, Miami, FL; Ingalls & Associates
Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA: “Toy”
Endless International Gallery, Shanghai, China: “How Close Are We?” Boreas, Brooklyn, NY: “Foundation,” curated by David Pierce MoCADA, Brooklyn, NY: “Project Diversity”
Milano Flash Art Show, Milan, Italy; Ingalls & Associates
DiVA Fair, New York; Ingalls & Associates


Peter Barrett & Sarah Hicks (2009)

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Peter Barrett

Untitled #9

Untitled #9, 2009

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Untitled #8, 2009

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Untitled #2, 2009

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