1989 M.F.A., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1988 AICA New York Studio Program, New York, NY.
1986 Post-Baccalaureate Studio Certificate, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1983 B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.
2008 Muse, Finestra Art Space, Chicago
2007 The Artist Project, Art Chicago
2006 Outlaw A, Nova New Art Fair, Chicago, with Jackie Kazarian
2003 Inspiring Guns Tank Afghan War Rug, 741 Carpet, Art Chicago, Navy Pier / Rhona Hoffman Gallery
1999 Gumdrop Trees in Skokie, North Shore Sculpture Park, Skokie, IL
1998 GriGri 4 Spring, in conjunction with Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
1997 Buddha at the Hot Dog Stand, Ten in One Gallery, Chicago
1996 Sampler, Westwerk e.V., Hamburg, Germany
1995 Ten in One Gallery
1992 Ten in One Gallery
1989 The Correct Time, Gallery 2, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1987 Barbara Koenen: Strange Attractors, The Charleston, Chicago
1986 Barbara Koenen, The Last Exit, Seattle, WA.

2009 Artist Run Chicago, Hyde Park Art Center (Bertran, Quinn)
2008 Gestures of Resistance, Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas (Stratton)
2007 Mapping the Self, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (Van Eck)
The Emergency Show, POLVO, Chicago (Cortez)
To Fear or Not to Fear, HIghland Park Art Center (Rebenak)
2006 POLVO at the Pool Art Fair, Miami Beach (Soto)
Silk Road Exhibition, 72 E. Randolph Gallery, Chicago (Mason)
Stitched in Time, Mess Hall, Chicago
2005 Juried Show 2005, Center for Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA (Dion, Puett)
Faker, LIPA, Chicago
Bridge Magazine Shoebox Series, 2005
2004 Summer Summit, Ptujskem gradu Galerija with LIPA, Ptuj, Slovenia
2002 Memento Mori, LIPA, Chicago (Rebenak)
Chicago Sculpture Now, Part 2, Columbia College Glass Curtain Gallery (Brooks, Postiglione)
She-bang, Three Arts Club, Chicago (Erf)
Knotty Dotty Witty Gritty, LIPA, Chicago
Du Sable Park: Hidden in Plain View, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago (Palmer)
2001 3 Acres on the Lake, Gallery 312, Chicago (Laurie Palmer)
2000 Millenium Fusion Project, ARC Gallery, (Mers, Wada and Gengrich)
1999 Cows on Parade, Chicago Cultural Center
Butter, Margin Gallery, Chicago (Mason)
Gri-Gri, installation for Hyde Park Art Center auction
Bookmarks, Benefit Auction for Whitewalls Magazine, NIU Gallery, Chicago
1998 Not in My Lobby, You Don’t, Hyde Park Art Center, (Thurow/ Horwich)
You Need to Bring a Gift to Attend this Exhibition, Tough Gallery, Chicago (invited by Mers)
Gri-Gri, installation for Hyde Park Art Center auction
Bookmarks, Auction for Whitewalls Magazine, NIU Gallery
1997 I Paid $25 To Be In This Show, Beret International Gallery
1996 Plane Speak, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago (Maldonado)
ART Chicago 1996, Uncomfortable Spaces.
Bookmarks 5, NIU Gallery
1995 Art Chicago 1995, Uncomfortable Spaces, Chicago, IL
PUBLIC/PRIVATE (Women Artists Negotiate the Terrain, NIU Gallery, (Snodgrass)
St. Valentine’s Day Exhibition, NAME Gallery
Bookmarks 4, NIU Gallery, Chicago
1994 The Uncomfortable Show, Ten in One Gallery, Chicago (Lieb)
Pages, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York. (Condon)
Beret’s Worst Show, Beret International Gallery, Chicago
Good Works, St. James Episcopal Center, Chicago (Mason)
Target Choice ‘94, Chicago, IL
Bookmarks 3, NIU Gallery, Chicago
SHAPE, The Peace Museum, Chicago
St Valentine’s Day Exhibition, NAME Gallery, Chicago
Erotic Wicker Park, Flat Iron Gallery, Chicago
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Dias de los Muertos, NNWAC Flat Iron Gallery, Chicago
Categories of Robert Smithson, NAME Gallery, Chicago, IL. (Lapthisophon)
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Migration, The Dome Room, Chicago
1991 itch, N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, (Tsatos, Pakosta.)
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St. Valentine’s Day Exhibition, N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago
1990 Pornographic Poem, performance for Petty Crimes for the Common Good",
(Brooks and Bailey.), Club Lower Links, Chicago
Art Against Homelessness, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago
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Artists Against Homelessness, Chicago
AICA New York Studio Show, New York, NY
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1987 Traveling Fellowship Exhibition, SAIC, Chicago
Paper Products, SAIC, Chicago
Bucktown Art Show, Chicago
1986 First Annual Post-Bacc Exhibition, SAIC, Chicago
Good Art, SAIC, Chicago
1985 Post Alley Expose, Post Alley, Seattle, WA.
1999-2008 Residency, Acadia Summer Art Program, Acadia, Maine
1996 Residency, Westwerk e.V., Hamburg, Germany.
Chicago Artists International Program Travel Assistance Grant.
1993 Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, City of Chicago
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1987 Traveling Fellowship Honorable Mention, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1979- Dean’s List, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Barbara Koenen (2010)

Selected Bibliography

Chicago Tribune by Lori Waxman

Barbara Koenen

Silk Road War Rug 1 of 3

Silk Road War Rug 1 of 3, 2006

Silk Road War Rug 2 of 3

Silk Road War Rug 2 of 3, 2006

Silk Road War Rug 3 of 3

Silk Road War Rug 3 of 3, 2006

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