ADAM EKBERG – Lesser Deities
November 30, 2007 through January 19, 2008
Opening reception Friday Nov. 30, 6 – 9pm

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present Lesser Deities, a solo exhibition of photography by Chicago based artist Adam Ekberg, November 30, 2007 through January 19, 2008.

In his current body of work, Ekberg mines spectral evidence of a larger mystical presence through minute gestural interventions that are self-reflexive to the medium of photography. Ekberg’s signature blend of anthropomorphized ephemera and objects creates a neo-pagan iconography that hints at rapture through the minimal or unseen. By capturing the reflection and refraction of light through the lens, permitting optical aberrations, flares, and subtly staged events, Ekberg translates what may be only peripherally visible into a quixotic logic that brings the viewer closer to their understanding of, and belief in a larger cosmic force. Simple and profound in their compositional proclamations, the unabashedly humble images are imbued with an essence that is proof positive of divine evidence. Tackling issues relating to man’s understanding of God, existence, and mortality through a vocabulary of serene reflection and solitude, Ekberg throws down the gauntlet challenging belief systems pertaining to spirituality in contemporary art.

Adam Ekberg graduated the School of the Art Institute’s MFA program in 2006. Since then, his work has been exhibited throughout Chicago at Hyde Park Art Center, Loyola University Museum of Art, Around the Coyote, Gallery 2 School of the Art Institute, Fifty-50 Gallery, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, as well as in St Louis and Seattle.


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NewCity Chicago - by Garin Pirnia

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Adam Ekberg

Lesser Deities
November 30, 2007 - January 19, 2008
Opens November 30, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The suns reflection in a small puddle

Adam Ekberg, The suns reflection in a small puddle, 2007

A melting ice cube

Adam Ekberg, A melting ice cube, 2007

Smoke ring

Adam Ekberg, Smoke ring, 2007


Adam Ekberg, Match, 2007

The view through my window

Adam Ekberg, The view through my window, 2007

Aberration #7

Adam Ekberg, Aberration #7, 2006

Aberration #8

Adam Ekberg, Aberration #8, 2006

A bubble rests on the grass

Adam Ekberg, A bubble rests on the grass, 2006

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