June 13 – August 2, 2008
Opening reception Friday June 13, 6-9pm

Patrick Berran
Laura Fayer
Callum Innes
Bob Jones
Jim Lee
Stephanie Serpick
Don Voisine

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present Unpainted – Recent Abstract Painting – June 13 through August 2, 2008. There will be an opening reception Friday June 13, 6-9pm. Participating artists include Patrick Berran, Laura Fayer, Callum Innes, Bob Jones, Jim Lee, Stephanie Serpick, and Don Voisine.

Each artist in this group exhibition proves that abstract painting can continue to provide a vital and necessary voice, visually, conceptually, and aesthetically. Expanding boundaries and defining what a painting can be, the artists reveal that beauty, purity of concept, design, intelligence, and visually compelling treatment of the medium have much to offer in the present.

Patrick Berran is based in New York. A recent graduate of Hunter College’s MFA program, Berran’s paintings are a chivalrous blend of Turner-esque light, romance, and an alchemical hand that deftly guides the viewer away from his illogical material process. Under Berran’s control, properties of paint disobey their natural laws and are seduced into slowly revealing new possibilities of surface, color, and form. Berran will have a solo exhibition in the gallery in September.

New York based Laura Fayer incorporates a process of hand-made stamps, stencils, and rice paper to create canvases that meditate on forms found in the natural and built environment, aerial view landscape, and an imperfect Asian aesthetic. Fayer’s layering process reveals the history of individual works and completeness through an additive accumulation, rather than one of excavation, decay, and erosion.

Scottish painter Callum Innes has achieved significant recognition worldwide for his conceptually driven unpainted canvases. Seemingly monochromatic colors are applied and subsequently unpainted with washes of turpentine. The unpainting process, when arrested, reveals a frozen moment where past, present and future coexist on the picture plane, leaving the hidden properties of paint exposed.

Milwaukee artist Bob Jones creates wholly nonfunctional objects from the detritus of a studio in disarray. The accumulation of discarded materials and energy, and what can be called the kidnapping or removal of the objects from that environment, yields magnetically charged and confounding works once contextualized within an art viewing setting.

The painting/sculptural hybrids of New York based Jim Lee are a quirky and intelligent blend of folk-minimalism. Carefully constructed, witty, charming, with references to Tuttle, Kelly, Ryman, and the Arte Povera movement, Lee’s work achieves an unusual blend of awkward poise.

Chicago based Stephanie Serpick subtly combines the faintest hints of Victorian patterns, quasi-Gothic lettering, and tattoo design to create atmospheric paintings. They explore memory and its gravity, as it separates from and fragments the present.

The hard-edged reductive paintings of New York based Don Voisine are elegantly unpretentious and rigorous in their paint handling. Voisine’s colors and surfaces vary from glossy to matte, and transparent to opaque. With a humble disposition, they whisper assured wisdom.


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Artslant by Erik Wenzel

Unpainted - Recent Abstract Painting

Patrick Berran, Laura Fayer, Callum Innes, Bob Jones, Jim Lee, Stephanie Serpick, Don Voisine
June 13 - August 2, 2008
Opens June 13, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Untitled (Evil Twin)

Jim Lee, Untitled (Evil Twin), 2008

Untitled (Gray with White Angle)

Jim Lee, Untitled (Gray with White Angle), 2008

Untitled (White with Caution)

Jim Lee, Untitled (White with Caution), 2008

Untitled (Foam Construction)

Jim Lee, Untitled (Foam Construction), 2008

Red Argyle

Don Voisine, Red Argyle, 2008

On Point

Don Voisine, On Point, 2008


Don Voisine, Standard, 2007

El Marko

Jim Lee, El Marko, 2007

Untitled with Red Stripe

Jim Lee, Untitled with Red Stripe, 2006

Exposed Painting - Titanium White

Callum Innes, Exposed Painting - Titanium White, 2003


Callum Innes, Untitled, 2002

Exposed Painting - Intense Black

Callum Innes, Exposed Painting - Intense Black, 2002

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