Cayetano Ferrer
Registration / Alignment
A window installation
August 1 – 30, 2008

Opening reception Friday August 1, 8-10pm

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present Registration/Alignment, a window installation by Cayetano Ferrer August 1 – 30. There will be an opening reception Friday August 1, 8-10pm.

The title of the show Registration / Alignment alludes to the process of temporal and spatial identification, as the viewer enters the work. Rather than acting as containers of meaning, these works are spatial and temporal registers for the surrounding space, like tuning forks or registration marks in printmaking. With edges that bleed from the window space itself to the scale of the city, the perceived scale of the work is constantly shifting, and its edges are determined by the alignment of the viewer.

The center of this installation is Corner Crystal #2 (2008) a depiction of the space of the exhibition, a storefront window space in the meatpacking district of near-west Chicago. Positioned in a rather mundane corner of the space, the sculpture uses the technique of anamorphosis within the photographic surface to create the illusion of its own disappearance. In entering the piece, the viewer’s perceptual logic is distorted until the focal point is discovered, and at this moment the sculpture seemingly disappears into the background. This condition of emptiness reveals the illusion of the photographic surface, and objectifies that particular moment and place. It is hyper-nostalgic; conscious of it’s own temporary placement in that specific location.

At the base of the sculpture is a tile floor that becomes the grounding element for the piece, and brings to it a material history carried over from a previous work. The tiles were discovered in the basement of an abandoned house, which was devastated by a fire in the Redhook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Used to create Tile Fade (2007), which was installed on a platform on the third floor of the gutted building for the Visions of Carlos exhibition, the tiles themselves are a modernized interpretation of a spiral motif, and carry the synchronistic reference to the passage of time and the life-death-rebirth cycle.

In the series of photos Area Mosaic #1 (2008), four of these tiles are placed in a large perimetrical square around the gallery, photographed, and brought back together in a store-bought picture frame that re-iterates the spiral motif. Within the image, the tiles register the otherwise disparate sites that are determined by their relative proximity to the exhibition space. In the titular logic of the piece, the four tiles make up a single mosaic, of which the blocks of city in between become its grout.

Cayetano Ferrer graduated the School of the Art Institute’s BFA program in 2006 and will move to LA to pursue graduate work this fall. He has exhibited his work in Chicago at Three Walls Gallery, Betty Rymer Gallery, Plaines Project, ArtLedge, G2, and other venues. His work has also been exhibited in New York, Korea, and Oakland, CA.


NewCity by Shama Dardai

Cayetano Ferrer

August 1 - August 30, 2008
Opens August 1, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Corner Crystal #2

Cayetano Ferrer, Corner Crystal #2, 2008

Area Mosaic #1

Cayetano Ferrer, Area Mosaic #1, 2008

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