New Work
October 22 through December 4, 2010

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture by Chicago-based artist Sarah Hicks October 22 through December 4, 2010. Her recent work fuses morphologies of living things and mass produced objects with abstraction, yielding scientific curiosities of decorative vernacular. This recent body of work explores the ambiguity of forms and structures borrowed from plant life, skeletons, human forms, and microenvironmental data. Through the manipulation of form, line, color and materiality, Hicks investigates the inherent infatuation people have with commodities symbolizing beauty, sexuality, movement, tangibility, and optimism. Under this premise, she cross references hybrid forms installed at various elevations in the gallery space, evoking responses of subconscious wonderment to objects of desire.

The hard fragile materiality notwithstanding, Hicks manages to convey a sense of airiness and absence of mass in her work. The delicate souffle-like creations are absurdly poised on the brink of decay, showing an artist in full possession of her technique as a ceramicist, pushing the buttons of visual delight.

Sarah Hicks lives and works in Chicago. She received a BFA in photography from the School of the Art Institute in 1999 and has exhibited work locally at Gallery 40000, Lil Street Art Center, and Alfedena Gallery.


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Sarah Hicks

New Work
October 22 - December 4, 2010

Installation Views


White Membrane

Sarah Hicks, White Membrane, 2010

White Membrane (detail)

Sarah Hicks, White Membrane (detail), 2010

Grey Membrane

Sarah Hicks, Grey Membrane, 2010

Grey Membrane (detail)

Sarah Hicks, Grey Membrane (detail), 2010

Grey Membrane (detail)

Sarah Hicks, Grey Membrane (detail), 2010

White Gradient

Sarah Hicks, White Gradient, 2010

Perforations:Accretion #1

Sarah Hicks, Perforations:Accretion #1, 2010

Perforations: Accretion #4

Sarah Hicks, Perforations: Accretion #4, 2010

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