Perceptual Notions
December 9, 2011 through January 21, 2012
Opens Friday December 9, 6:00-8:00PM

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present Perceptual Notions; an exhibition of new paintings by Samantha Bittman opening Friday December 9, 6:00-8:00PM. Bittman will present a range of work on handwoven textile, wood panel, and linen on view in the gallery through January 21, 2012.

Bittman explores the ways in which perception is in constant flux by employing rigorous visual systems of assertive and contrary elements. While the non-woven paintings are visual systems akin to, and an extension of weave structures, the process of weaving, and the image/structure relationship inherent in a woven textile; all works point toward more complicated layers of cognition and experience. In decoding the material construction and strategies for building each painting, the viewer becomes aware that the logic present in the blueprint of each work breaks with the experience of viewing the work as a whole entity. The act of cognitively understanding how the painting is made acts as a foil to the viewer, pointing back to the viewer’s own perceptual notions, and a conscious experience of that perception. There is no singular or fixed way to perceive the paintings’ refractive breakdown of elements: logic, cognition, experience, and reality.

The painstaking process of Bittman’s own hand in making the paintings relates to the relationship a viewer often establishes with the work. The slowness and careful attention with which they are made demands time for engagement, particularly the hard edge paintings, painted without tape, and in the woven textiles themselves. A shifting of the viewer’s physical proximity to the work may suggest new directions for observation and sensation, thwarting expectations and polarizing the viewing experience from moment to moment.

Samantha Bittman (b. 1982) lives and works in Chicago. She attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2011, graduated SAIC’s MFA program in 2010, and earned a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Recent exhibitions in Chicago include Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art: Bauhaus Now, Either/And/Both, threewalls, Zolla / Lieberman Gallery, and Hungryman Gallery. Her work is currently in Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL.


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Samantha Bittman

Perceptual Notions
December 9, 2011 - January 21, 2012
Opens December 9, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Yeah, No

Samantha Bittman, Yeah, No, 2011

The Longest Distance Between Two Points

Samantha Bittman, The Longest Distance Between Two Points, 2011

Self Similar

Samantha Bittman, Self Similar, 2011

Shady Sunshine

Samantha Bittman, Shady Sunshine, 2011

Seam Slippage

Samantha Bittman, Seam Slippage, 2011

Shady Slip

Samantha Bittman, Shady Slip, 2011

The Tighter You Hold Me

Samantha Bittman, The Tighter You Hold Me, 2011

Screened In Painting

Samantha Bittman, Screened In Painting, 2011

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