Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present the fourth installment of Jason Robert Bell’s year-long Tetragrammatron Archive: I Believe in Harvey Dent or Three Months in Valparaiso. The exhibition in the gallery’s project space opens Friday October 21, 6-8PM and continues through December 3, 2011.

In Bell’s fourth installment of the Tetragrammatron Archive, the artist poses riddles in the form of three sculptural assemblages; Caveman Robot, The City of Monumenta, and The Sword. Monumenta is home base for Caveman Robot, a fictional character created by Bell melding the primitive with the futuristic. Caveman Robot has been the subject of previous projects, comics, animation, object-making, and performances for Bell, but also represents a mascot for a stillborn multi-media million dollar Hollywood deal accompanied by an endless collection of related artifacts. It is a humble symbol for an artist confronting failure in an attempt to fully self-actualize, as experienced during a three month stint in Valparaiso, Chile.

The sculptural objects each are in a delicate balancing act with nothing holding them together but gravity. So here we have the Hero, who had to act as a villain, the city that was both a dream and a nightmare, and the weapon, the active element that all people must take up if they wish to live within their own truth. The title I Believe in Harvey Dent or Three months in Valparaiso, comes from a promotional pin from the last Batman movie: Harvey Dent being the supervillain Two-Face, enemy of Batman. 

Jason Robert Bell graduated from the School of the Art Institute Chicago with a BFA in Painting in 1995, and the Yale School of Art’s MFA program in 2000. Bell’s paintings, drawings, sculpture, experimental films, outdoor installations, and performances have been exhibited in New York, most recently at Postmasters Gallery and the Fountain Art Fair, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Tokyo, and many times in Chicago.

Jason Robert Bell

I Believe in Harvey Dent or Three Months in Valparaiso
October 21 - December 3, 2011
Opens October 21, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Caveman Robot

Jason Robert Bell, Caveman Robot, 2011

The City of Monumenta

Jason Robert Bell, The City of Monumenta, 2011

The Sword

Jason Robert Bell, The Sword, 2011

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