Exhibiting in the Gallery’s project space concurrently with Edie Fake’s exhibition is Lonesome Whistle; new paintings by Tim Wirth. Wirth lives in a rural community in northern Iowa where he works on a farm and makes square paintings. Combining a post-ironic Midwestern Christian aesthetic with text and abstraction, the artist wades into the territory of diminutive billboards that deliver powerfully simple messages of humanity and compositional sophistication. The show’s title is descriptive of Wirth’s geographic isolation and mental space; an environment with no art community and where no return vibration can be detected in response to his work. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design’s MFA program, he moved back to Iowa.

Tim Wirth

Lonesome Whistle
January 4 - February 16, 2013
Opens January 4, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Lord Have Mercy

Tim Wirth, Lord Have Mercy, 2012

The Things I Know Best Are The Same Things I Don't

Tim Wirth, The Things I Know Best Are The Same Things I Don't, 2012

Man Defeats Himself

Tim Wirth, Man Defeats Himself, 2012

God & Man

Tim Wirth, God & Man, 2012

Lonesome Whistle

Tim Wirth, Lonesome Whistle, 2012

The Body of Jesus Christ (Green)

Tim Wirth, The Body of Jesus Christ (Green), 2011

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