Adam Ekberg

Lilly McElroy

St Louis Post-Dispatch by David Bonetti (text)

Chitown photos

The exhibition of 15 prints by eight Chicago photographers is a nice reminder that innovative photography can exist in the Midwest.

Organized by independent curator Dana Turkovic and Anne Wischmeyer, the show is just a snapshot. Photoshop and digital manipulation are taken for granted among these young photographers. Only Lindsay Page and Lilly McElroy take “straight” photos, but both of them create images based on performance — Page of people doing strange things in a basement, McElroy of herself jumping into the arms of strangers in bars.

A couple of the photographers disrupt “reality” with digital interventions. David A. Parker inserts a circular black kite in otherwise banal landscapes. Esteban Schimpf’s images, one of the Rem Koolhaas building at Illinois Institute of Technology, the other at Bennington College, are made strange by the addition of silver floating forms — in fact, crumpled emergency blankets.

In his four works, the most of any artist, Adam Ekberg reveals himself to be a visionary. In his looping video, a disco ball throws off shards of light into a nighttime wood. And in “The Sunset in My Apartment,” a narrow strip of light cuts across a wood floor, throwing the shadow of a bottle of beer along its length. Weird.

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