Emily Noelle Lambert


New York
Emily Noelle Lambert
547 West 27th Street, 2nd floor
March 29–April 28

The energizing paintings on view in “Strange Dust,” Emily Noelle Lambert’s first solo exhibition, visualize a world held in balance and in tension. In the show’s multicanvas works, some juxtapositions are neat while others conflict: A beige-and-white arm in Our Perspective, 2007, for example, gives way to a loose grid of brown and pink squares. Color Field–like passages, including an especially gorgeous sunset in the 2006 title painting, coexist with fussier, detailed elements, such as the latticed power lines in Miami, 2007, and the red-and-blue birches in Rider, 2007. Lambert’s searing palette can be shocking, but it is tempered by darker narrative components: In Strange Dust, a menacing black bull looms in the background, and smoke emerges from a cluster of ominous-looking towers. The work maintains both a sunny disposition and a tough edge.

—Miriam Katz

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