Adam Ekberg

New City Chicago by Michael Weinstein

ADAM EKBERG, “Puncture,” multimedia. The conventional photographic landscape—even when it is drenched in beauty—is not enough for Adam Ekberg, who inserts festive objects in the pristine scenes that he shoots in cool color. Eckberg’s signature is a mild dry wit that neither subverts nature nor criticizes human intervention in it, but simply goes for innocent amusement, as in his most successful image, in which a sparkler planted in a deep blue icy lake flashes crazily under an ink-blue night sky with a gently rolling tree line on the horizon. Each of Eckberg’s images conveys the sense that there has been a party and that the revelers have cleaned up carefully in its wake, leaving only a single strategic token of their presence as an offering to free and easy times. (Michael Weinstein)
Contemporary Art Workshop – Chicago

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