Adam Ekberg (2007)


Adam Ekberg

NewCity Chicago - by Garin Pirnia

ADAM EKBERG, “Lesser Deities,” photography.
With Ekberg’s last show at Thomas Robertello, he installed “disco ball in the woods” in the window of the gallery. This time, Ekberg features several of his photographs. “Aberration #7” takes a picture looking up towards trees as spherical aberrations, or color rings, forms from the light being refracted. Ekberg camera documents the mundane in nature and at his home through found objects and observations. “The sun reflection in a small puddle”’s faded and grainy blacktop surrounds the water containing a couple of leaves and a glint of light reflecting off it. “The condensation from a glass on my bedside table” shows a ring of water sedentary on a table with a bed, plants on a windowsill and light bleeding through the window, adding ambience to the piece. His other images include an ice cube melting on a hardwood floor, an airplane flying centered against various grays in the sky, and the wonderful composition of a bubble laying on a perfect bed of green grass absorbing the images around it. Smoke rings from off camera float around coffee, bananas and a newspaper on a table. Aberrations equal imperfections but sometimes these rife flaws lead to beautiful images.

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