Adam Ekberg (2007)


Adam Ekberg

Chicago Journal by Kristin Gehring

Oh yeah? Prove it!

Thanksgiving was great, thanks for asking. We had another in our series of religious conversations with Dad. No new ground was broken. But we’re thinking our conversation at Christmas may prove more fruitful, now that we’ve heard about the exhibit at Thomas Robertello Gallery, 939 W. Randolph, (thomasrobertello.com). A solo exhibition of photography by Chicago-based artist Adam Ekberg, Lesser Deities, which runs from Nov. 30 through Jan. 19, is reported to present “a quixotic logic that brings the viewer closer to their understanding of and belief in a larger cosmic force.” Excellent. In fact, the gallery maintains that Ekberg’s “neo-pagan iconography” not only “hints at rapture” but represents “proof positive of divine evidence.” Finally we can get beyond the “I don’t believe it” versus “I can’t prove it” stand-off.

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