Knut Hybinette & Troy Richards (2008)


Knut Hybinette & Troy Richards

Chicago Journal by Kristin Gehring

This explains a lot

If, and only if, you manage to acquit yourself with sufficient √®lan on Valentine’s Day, you get a treat. It’s at Thomas Robertello Gallery, 939 W. Randolph St., where a multimedia installation called Nowheresville, by collaborative Cleveland-based artists Knut Hybinette and Troy Richards, is up through March 8 (thomasrobertello.com). We’ll just let the gallery tell you about it and you’ll see what we mean: “Taken from the literal definition of the word Utopia, Nowheresville focuses on the ideas and literary work of the French writer and Utopian socialist Charles Fourier: specifically on the experimental community, Ripon, Wis., which was formed to put his ideas into practice. Ripon was a short-lived experiment but would later become the birthplace of the Republican Party. Presenting a historic trajectory that leads toward the near future, Ripon is portrayed as a Midwestern dystopia, infested by chaotic suburban drug addicts, killers, and societal decay.” Obviously, this experience will help balance out your chi after spending time in the land of flowers, hearts and chocolate. “The centerpiece of the exhibition is an innovative game created by Hybinette and Richards incorporating video, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and cutting-edge technology. The gallery installation consists of a shanty housing the game, a decaying billboard depicting a video of Fourier espousing utopian dogma, as well as drawings and prints used in the making of the video game.” Excellent. Armed with multiple Snickers in your pocket, you have permission to while away myriad hours at this exhibit. And for those of you whose contemplation of love affairs tends toward murderous revenge rather than gentle cooing, you’ll notice the handy gift idea illustrated in this piece from the exhibit: rainbow-hued glass shards, created especially for your ex-significant other, with easy instructions for inserting into his or her eyes.

-Kristin Gehring

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