Noelle Mason

Chicago Journal by Kristin Gehring

Exploring the
possible heaven

Maybe we’ll go to Alogon Gallery, 1049 N. Paulina, while we’re waiting. We’re somewhat confused but firmly intrigued by the description of their current show, Only Blue Dear Lonely American, a “translation of a previous show” in Hong Kong which features work by Benjamin Bellas, Justin Cooper, Stuart Keeler, Clinton King, Noelle Mason, Ross Moreno and Magdalen Wong ( The translating apparently extends even to the show’s press release, which has been translated from Chinese back into English. Listen and learn: “Namely, seven independent artist network work on international, explores the possible heaven and the inconceivable truth subject,” the text begins. “The Only Blue Dear Lonely American illusion revealed which in theirs work surveys them by to hug performative, …” A few lines down, we discover that, “Although their work discipline, they origin from the carving perspective. Namely. The faintly recognizable concept distilled entered the physical demonstration …” Ah, this is music to our ears. Finally, a press release about an art exhibit that knows what it means and just says it right out loud. Namely! We can’t wait to see the show. We want to hug it, as promised.

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