Lilly McElroy (2008)


Lilly McElroy

Elle Magazine by Joanna Goddard

A leaping photographer gives men her best shot and lets us watch online

Lilly McElroy isn’t afraid to throw herself at men – literally. For the past two years, the 28-year-old performance artist and photographer has been lunging at strangers in bars around the country while a friend snaps photos of her midair act and then posting the pictures on Lillymcelroy.com. Officially titled “I Throw Myself at Men,” the online series is a mix of physical comedy and postfeminist challenges to gender stereotypes – a sly inversion of the traditional power dynamic in the pickup scene. “If a woman tries to form a romantic connection, she’s automatically considered desperate, and I don’t agree with that,” she says. “Plus, I have bizarrely good vertical leap.”

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