Jason Robert Bell

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New York Artist Making Money With Bigfoot Porn Paintings

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – A New York artist is making paintings that can be best described as “Bigfoot Porn.”
For the last three years, Jason Robert Bell has been brushing up canvases focusing on a female Sasquatch named “Kala.”

Although some of the pieces feature a big-breasted Kala playing a harp, eating fish out of a river and terrorizing man, there are others where she’s posing provocatively in a forest.

Bell says he’s always been intrigued by the mysterious creature and was encouraged by his “hard-core feminist” mother to make the pieces.

He doesn’t mind that some people might be offended by his sasquatch porn, especially since he constantly sells the pieces around $5,000 a pop.

Still, Bell’s art has gotten him in trouble before. He says he showed a large group of people a piece he did that featured Kala having intercourse with another sasquatch and some in the audience “came away a little shocked.”

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