Adam Ekberg (2009)


Adam Ekberg

Flavorpill by Stephen Gossett

In Aberration #8, one of Adam Ekberg’s signature images, concentric circles of light flood the frame, suggesting a metaphysical order while simultaneously drawing attention to its underlying photographic mechanics. That impulse — way more revelatory than you’d expect from a lens-flared nature scene — continues through much of his latest exhibition, which features images composed in natural environments and also in empty apartment spaces. Precise Equilibrium captures two balloons, one filled with helium delicately floating the other, aloft in a forest background. With a mini mirror-ball and cocktail umbrella resting sadly on a beer bottle in a vacant corner, Saturday night references Ekberg’s earlier video of a disco ball in the woods. Like the artist’s best work, these photographs feel both serendipitous and precisely composed.

– Stephen Gossett

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