Adam Ekberg (2009)


Adam Ekberg

Chicago Tribune by Lauren Viera

Adam Ekberg, “In the between,” at Thomas Robertello Gallery

For this show of new-ish work by local photographer Adam Ekberg (his second here), we’re faced with two paths: one leading us through snapshots taken in, presumably, Ekberg’s apartment; another leads us into the greenery of the outdoor world.

In Ekberg’s interior universe, drops on fingertips are frozen in time, silverware “bent” in a glass of water stimulates serious thought. Why? We’re not really given an explanation, and it’s too easy not to care. These photos, and two that use a cocktail umbrella as their centerpiece, are opportunities to capture everyday objects in a certain light and frame them for further contemplation. Nothing more, nothing less. What emotion lies behind them, we may never know.

In the great outdoors lies another story entirely. Here, we see Ekberg as the explorer: gloriously large inkjet prints glow with color as Ekberg happens upon “A flashlight on the forest floor” or “A camera in the forest.” There is no fantasy: It’s not suggested that Ekberg didn’t set up these shots himself. Instead, little nuances draw us in. That camera in the forest, for example, happens to be using its flash in the moment we stumble upon it. And an untitled work on an adjacent wall is seemingly speckled with confetti, in a trick of light that is never quite revealed.

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